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Shadow’s Waiting – Plot Jebaiting

Here we are in episode two, with our team out on their grand journey from Emond’s Field….

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Leavetaking – Taking Liberties

Literally the moment it starts we have our first major story deviation that I really don’t understand…

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Less ‘Based on Wheel of Time’ more ‘Wheel of Time La Croix’

As I alluded to in my previous article about the conversion of The Eye of the World…

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I Converted a Novel into a TV Show and All I Got Was This Lousy Sheepherder

Having just finished the re-read of The Eye of the World (8 days, not a bad pace…

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It’s a Small World After All – World Design in The Wheel of Time

Welcome to the first article in my ongoing series critically analyzing The Wheel of Time. It made…

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The Wheel of Time: Critical Analysis Article Series

The Wheel of Time used to be important to me. I was introduced to the series in…

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An Open Letter to Gary L.M. Martin, the very worst author.

Whoo boy, where to begin. First some backstory. In one of my discord communities, somebody linked us…

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My Top 3 Books of 2020

2020 was a horrible year for pretty much the entire world. Like many others, I suffered a…

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Putting Politics into Space Opera: My Novel Border Crosser and the Current Unpleasantness by Tom Doyle

I enjoy politically subversive science fiction and fantasy. For me, interesting politics can be a key part…

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Guest Post: 10 Amazing Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books by Women You Need on Your Bookshelf

First, I would like to thank Dan for letting me temporarily take over his blog. It’s truly…