Wheel of Time Article Series
The Wheel of Time: Critical Analysis Article Series
It’s a Small World After All – World Design in The Wheel of Time
– A broad look at the design of RandLand in the context of population, and society
If You Can’t Make Your Own Setting, Store-Bought is Fine
– The consequences of trying to quietly set a Fantasy series on Earth when you don’t think it through
The Bosom of Time
– The many problematic issues in Robert Jordan’s portrayal of women in the series
I Converted a Novel into a TV Show and all I got was this Lousy Sheepherder
– An in-depth look at the conversion of The Eye of the World into Season 1 of the Amazon Prime series
Less “Based on Wheel of Time” more “Wheel of Time La Croix”
– Episode by episode rundown of the divergences in plot and characters between the Book and the Series
—– Episode 1 – Leavetaking – Taking Liberties
—– Episode 2 – Shadow’s Waiting – Plot Jebaiting
—– Episode 3 – A Place of Safety – Misplaced Characters
—– Episode 4 – The Dragon Reborn – No Pain No Logain
—– Episode 5 – Blood Calls Blood – Blood and Guts
—– Episode 6 – The Flame of Tar Valon – The Mats We Leave Behind
—– Episode 7 – The Dark Along The Ways – Going Way Off Course
—– Episode 8 – The Eye of the World – The Whyyy of Time
Guest Articles/Interviews
Putting Politics into Space Opera: My Novel Border Crosser and the Current Unpleasantness
– A guest article from author Tom Doyle
The Shelf Life Of Secret History During Interesting Times
– A guest Article from author Tom Doyle
Writing Fiction in a Time of Genuine Crisis
– A guest article from author Patrick S. Tomlinson
An Interview with Tanya Huff
– On the subject of the Confederacy Novels and some fan geeking out on my part.
10 Amazing SFF Books By Women
– An article by me, guest published on
10 Amazing Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books by Women You Need on Your Bookshelf
– A guest article from Christina Marie

General Articles
An Open Letter to Gary L.M. Martin, the very worst author.
– Read on a dare, so terrible I wrote a short novel on how terrible it is
On SFF, Gender and Expanding Boundaries
– Ruminations on who I read and why I read them.
Meanwhile, Over There
– Thoughts on shared-world fiction, and the best way to approach it.
The Broken Empire Trilogy: A Retrospective
– Thoughts on Mark Lawrence’s ‘The Broken Empire Trilogy.
Ranking, Rating and Reviewing
– Some thoughts and advice for fellow reviewers.
The Forgotten Realms
– A six-part series of Forgotten Realms reviews evaluating the influence of the setting on Fantasy.
‘A Memory of Light’ A Triumph of the Will?
– Meditations on the ending of The Wheel Of Time. SPOILERS

My Top 3 Books of 2020
– My top three list of books read in 2020
Top Five 2015 Books of the Year
– My top five list of books read in 2015 published in 2015
Top Five Non-2015 Books of the Year
– My top five list of books read in 2015 not published in 2015
Novel and Interesting Magic Systems, Part 2
– Yet more fiction with interesting Magic Systems.
Novel and Interesting magic Systems Part 1
– Fantasy Fiction with interesting Magic Systems.
Five Ways to Never End Your Story
– A list of supremely frustrating story-ending tropes.

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