2022 Reading List

2022 started off slow because I did end up deciding to do that re-read of Wheel of Time in order to produce an article series about both the books and the Amazon show‘s season 1, but then picked up in large part to this being the year of reading Kindle Unlimitedly, as evidenced by the multiple long series in there. I’m also trying out some better formatting given that this is a ranked list and not a chronological one, because I found myself really not able to decide if book 6 of a series was better or worse than book 4, and because of how Kindle Unlimited is structured, I was reading the whole series basically as one book anyway. So the series will just be placed as a whole, compared to the other series and single novels. There’s probably an article in here somewhere about how this is the second year in a row (and 2023 seems likely to end up the same) that despite the majority of what I’m reading being Kindle Unlimited self-published stuff, nothing from there has yet to top the year list, and in fact it mostly seems to go “all the traditionally published books, then all the KU self-pub stuff” which isn’t…shocking per se? But I wonder if there are reasons why beyond “self-pub bad, tradpub good” which is not a thing I agree with.

In any event, there’s the list for 2022, better late than never. I managed more books overall that I expected both in general and with the WoT re-read, and 2023 is off to a fast start as well. Now if I can just also actually write reviews!

(01) (2022) All The Seas of the World, Guy Gavriel Kay
(02) (2019) The Light Brigade, Kameron Hurley
Backyard Starship Series, J.N. Chaney, Terry Maggert
    (03) (2022) Severed Ties
    (04) (2022) Fields of Fire
    (05) (2022) Blackest Ocean
    (06) (2022) Kingdom Come
    (07) (2022) Distant Horizon
    (08) (2022) Blue Shift
    (09) (2022) Legacy of Stars
    (10) (2021) Anvil Dark
    (11) (2021) Red Bounty
    (12) (2021) Backyard Starship
The Paper Magician Series, Charlie N. Holmberg
    (13) (2015) The Master Magician
    (14) (2014) The Glass Magician
    (15) (2014) The Paper Magician
    (16) (2018) The Plastic Magician
Air Awakens Series, Elisa Kova
    (17) (2016) Crystal Crowned
    (18) (2016) Water’s Wrath
    (19) (2016) Earth’s End
    (20) (2015) Fire Falling
    (21) (2015) Air Awakens
The Spoken Mage Series, Melanie Cellier
    (22) (2019) Voice of Life
    (23) (2019) Voice of Dominion
    (24) (2019) Voice of Command
    (25) (2018) Voice of Power
(26) (2021) Dark Whispers, Helen Harper
Resonance Series, Casey E. Berger
    (27) (2021) Dark Stars
    (28) (2021) Ursa Major
    (29) (2021) First Light
The Magitech Chronicles Series, Chris Fox
    (30) (2019) Godswar
    (31) (2019) Nefarius
    (32) (2018) Krox Rises
    (33) (2018) War Mage
    (34) (2018) Spellship
    (35) (2017) Void Wurm
    (36) (2017) Tech Mage
The Guardian of Empire City, Peter Hartog
    (37) (2021) Pieces of Eight
    (38) (2021) Bloodlines
Shadows and Crowns, S.M. Gaither
    (39) (2022) A Crown of the Gods
    (40) (2021) The Call of the Void
    (41) (2021) A Twist of the Blade
    (42) (2020) The Song of the Marked
The Kingdom War, J.D. Ruffin
    (43) (2022) Royal Vengeance
    (44) (2021) Shadow of War
    (45) (2021) Daughter of Magic
    (46) (2021) Heir of Magic
Grimm’s War, Jeffrey H. Haskell
    (47) (2022) A Grimm Sacrifice
    (48) (2022) One Decisive Victory
    (49) (2022) With Grimm Resolve
    (50) (2022) Against All Odds
(51) (2009) To The Sky Kingdom, Tang Qi


(52) (1990) The Eye of the World, Robert Jordan
(53) (1990) The Great Hunt, Robert Jordan
(54) (1991) The Dragon Reborn, Robert Jordan
(55) (1992) The Shadow Rising, Robert Jordan
(56) (1993) The Fires of Heaven, Robert Jordan
(57) (1994) The Lord of Chaos, Robert Jordan
(58) (1996) A Crown of Swords, Robert Jordan
(59) (1998) The Path of Daggers, Robert Jordan
(60) (2000) Winter’s Heart, Robert Jordan
(61) (2003) Crossroads of Twilight, Robert Jordan
(62) (2005) Knife of Dreams, Robert Jordan
(63) (2009) The Gathering Storm, Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
(64) (2010) Towers of Midnight, Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
(65) (2013) A Memory of Light, Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

Author: Dan Ruffolo

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