2021 Reading List

I met a few goals for reading this year. I managed to increase my total book count by a solid amount, making this my readingest year since 2015, and I have the hope that I’ll improve it further coming into 2022. I also continued my specific goal of reading more non-white and non-cis-male authors with great success and the discovery of a bunch of new authors and some great series. I also had my largest success to date in terms of traffic by putting together an extremely lengthy criticism of the worst author I’ve ever seen. I started off the year finishing my re-read of The Malazan Book of the Fallen, and I’m sort of fighting against the urge to respond to the creation of the Wheel of Time series on Amazon Prime, by doing a re-read and some critical reviews/evaluations of that series. Mostly just a question of whether I want to wreck my book count goal and burn a bunch of the year on some not-that-great old white dude books just in the name of the critical evaluations. We shall see! In any event, here is my reading list from 2021, in order of ranking (not chronologically). Enjoy!

01 (2017) Winterglass, Benjanun Sriduangkaew
02 (2021) Truth of the Divine, Lindsay Ellis
03 (2018) Bitfrost, Sam Farren
04 (2021) Crown of Power, Melanie Cellier
05 (2020) Crown of Strength, Melanie Cellier
06 (2020) Crown of Secrets, Melanie Cellier
07 (2020) Crown of Danger, Melanie Cellier
08 (2017) Dragonoak: Gall and Wormwood, Sam Farren
09 (2015) Dragonoak: The Sky Beneath the Sun, Sam Farren
10 (2015) Dragonoak: The Complete History of Kastelir, Sam Farren
11 (2021) Spellmaker, Charlie M. Holmburg
12 (2020) Spellbreaker, Charlie M. Holmburg
13 (2021) Ember, S.G.Prince
14 (2018) Elvish S.G. Prince
15 (2020) Elder S.G. Prince
16 (2020) Midnight Smoke, Helen Harper
17 (2020) Scorched Heart, Helen Harper
18 (2014) Zero Sum Game, S.L. Huang
19 (2020) Critical Point, S.L. Huang
20 (2020) Infernal Enchantment, Helen Harper
21 (2020) Brimstone Bound, Helen Harper
22 (2020) Legacy, Nathan Hystad
23 (2020) Lineage, Nathan Hystad
24 (2020) Culmination, Nathan Hystad
25 (2020) Hierarchy, Nathan Hystad
26 (2019) Confrontation, Nathan Hystad
27 (2020) Unification, Nathan Hystad
28 (2018) From Unseen Fire, Cass Morris
29 (2019) Null Set, S.L. Huang
30 (2019) The Perfect Assassin, K. A. Doore
31 (2020) Axiom’s End, Lindsay Ellis
32 (2020) Dark Star Rising, Bennett R. Coles
33 (2019) The Shattering of the Spirit-Sword Brackish – Part 1, Sam Farren
34 (2018) A Conspiracy of Truths, Andrea Rowland
35 (2020) The Group, Octavia D. Mason
36 (2012) The Siren Depths, Martha Wells
37 (2012) The Serpent Sea, Martha Wells
38 (2017) The Enceladus Mission, Brandon Q. Morris
39 (1992) Doomsday Book, Connie Willis
40 (2020) Phantom: The Ghost Within, Gary L.M. Martin

41 (2007) Reaper’s Gale, Steven Erikson
42 (2008) Toll the Hounds, Steven Erikson
43 (2009) Dust of Dreams, Steven Erikson
44 (2011) The Crippled God, Steven Erikson

Author: Dan Ruffolo

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