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The Bosom of Time

Of all the things I’ve seen anybody praise the Wheel of Time for, the one that always…

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If You Can’t Make Your Own Setting, Store-bought Is Fine.

It’s surprising to me just how many people who’ve read the Wheel of Time didn’t realize the…

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The Eye of the World – The Whyyy of Time

Here we are, the final episode of Season 1 of The Wheel of Time. It’s been an…

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The Dark Along The Ways – Going Way Off Course

Alright, episode 7, almost done. Today we venture through the ways, to a destination that wasn’t the…

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The Flame of Tar Valon – The Mats We Leave Behind

Episode six stars with an unlabelled flashback and I’m not actually sure whether they’ve previously named Siuan…

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Blood Calls Blood – Blood and Guts

Welcome to episode 5, where the story has now diverged so far from the books that it…

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The Dragon Reborn – No Pain, No Logain

I watched this episode along with some friends who had never read the books, and at the…

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A Place of Safety – Misplaced Characters

After the major divergence at the end of the party’s trip through Shadar Logoth, where Thom hasn’t…

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Shadow’s Waiting – Plot Jebaiting

Here we are in episode two, with our team out on their grand journey from Emond’s Field….

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Leavetaking – Taking Liberties

Literally the moment it starts we have our first major story deviation that I really don’t understand…