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Review of ‘The Worthing Chronicle’ by Orson Scott Card

The Worthing Chronicle is a novel originally published in 1983 by American author Orson Scott Card (Of…

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Review of ‘Clockwork Angels’ by Kevin J. Anderson

Clockwork Angels is a novel by Kevin J. Anderson based on a concept album by Canadian rock…

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Review of ‘Dream London’ by Tony Ballantyne

Dream London by British author Tony Ballantyne creates a London that is slowly and inexorably turning into…

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Review of ‘The Lives of Tao’ by Wesley Chu

The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu is a great action-packed sci-fi adventure. With one of the…

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Review of ‘Children of Earth and Sky’ by Guy Gavriel Kay

Children of Earth and Sky is the 13th novel by Canadian author Guy Gavriel Kay, and as…

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Review of ‘World of Water’ by James Lovegrove

World of Water is the second book in the Dev Harmer Missions series, from English author James…

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Review of ‘Javelin Rain’ by Myke Cole

Javelin Rain is the latest novel from American author and veteran Myke Cole. In it Cole continues…

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Review of ‘Black Feathers’ by Joseph D’Lacey

Black Feathers by Joseph D’Lacey is a Dark Fantasy tale of prophecy, history, dystopia, apocalypse, and hope….

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Review of ‘Age of Shiva’ by James Lovegrove

Age of Shiva is the latest in the Pantheon series from James Lovegrove, and after my disappointing…

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Review of ‘Trident’s Forge’ by Patrick S Tomlinson

Trident’s Forge is the second novel in the Children of a Dead Earth series by American author…